The Shanahans

Professional Drift Drivers, Jack & Conor Shanahan who compete in the European Drift Masters Championship both run a Helix Autosport 184mm Twin-Plate Race Clutch and Single Mass Flywheel. This specific clutch application uses a Kevlar friction material, which is designed to control heat transfer through the plates and additionally prevent clutch slip.

Drift style of driving is different to other disciplines in Motorsport, this includes the way the clutch is used. Drivers tend to ‘clutch kick’ when initiating a ‘drift’, which revs the engine up so that when you release the clutch, it sends a sudden surge of power to the drive wheels.

Due to this style of driving Helix has managed to design a range of clutch and flywheel applications that can handle immense heat and hard shock. This has made the Helix clutch a competitive clutch application for this discipline of motorsport.

In 2023 Helix partnered with The Shanahans for their clutch application needs, where we successfully designed a bespoke single mass flywheel to fit a GT86 engine to a sequential gearbox, to run with a Helix 184mm Race Clutch Cover and Kevlar Friction Discs.

As the season of 2023 commenced the clutch proved itself to be successful alongside Conor Shanahan who went on to win the season, and become 2023 Drift Masters Champion.

The clutch applications that The Shanahans use are rated to 1000NM.