The Helix Autosport performance clutches are intended for applications where the engine/vehicle performance has been increased above standard. All Helix Autosport clutches are manufactured from new components to the highest standard using the best materials available. They are designed to give higher clamp load to cope with higher torque capacity together with an increase engine rpm.

These clutches are ideal for road use and light competition.


The Helix Autosport Racing Clutch range has been designed to satisfy the variety of needs found in the competition market place.

The clutch cover is a one piece Aluminium Alloy of the lug drive design which has a low moment of inertia. This gives the benefit of greater heat dissipation to run cooler whilst also allowing the friction dust to escape.

Depending on your requirements they are available as single, twin or triple plate systems, using either organic, cerametallic or sintered friction material.


Our passion and understanding for classic cars means we are one of the best placed organisations to supply clutches and flywheels to this industry. In 2010 we began designing bespoke items for classic cars and have seen extensive success in this area ever since.

We can design new versions of classic car clutches, helping to keep classic cars on the road for longer. Our clutches enable your classic cars to run more efficiently due to the modernised design of a classic part. We can design and supply clutches for classic cars that may not be available to purchase anywhere else.


All Helix Autosport flywheels are made from Chromium Molybdenum Steel. They are made to exact tolerances using O.E specifications and fully balanced.

All procedures are done in house to ensure the quality and to keep the lead times down. This also allows customers to have special requirements such as a specific weight or timing marks.


Helix Autosport produce a range of 3 and 4 piece Clutch Kits which work out cheaper than buying the individual parts. The Clutch Kits include:

  • Cover assembly
  • Driven plate
  • Release bearing
  • Flywheel (4 piece kits only)



Helix Autosport can inspect and repair our Clutch and Flywheel kits.


The manufacturing team are trained to inspect and rebuild Helix Autosport clutches, this consists of:

  • Visual inspection
  • Clamp load release pressure check
  • Lift test of the covers
  • Run-out and wear on drive plates


Helix Autosport is able to offer to re-face our drive plates along with re-grinding our pressure plates inside the cover assembly, as it can be cheaper to refurbish an assembly than to manufacture a new one. If you would like to send your clutch back to us for inspection, please send us an email or give us a call first.


Helix Autosport have the ability to manufacture a massive range of products with flexibility and diversity. As a result of this ‘can-do’ attitude we are approached daily by teams and manufacturers asking us to developed products for them.


Helix Autosport has the ability to carry out flywheel lightening, dynamic balancing and clutch conversions on customer’s flywheels. We can also manufacture new replacement to customer’s exact specifications.


For historic cars Helix Autosport has developed a range of modern clutch kits, including bearings, to replace the old coil spring components. Occasionally this requires re-drilling and doweling flywheels.


Helix Autosport manufacture all of our driven plates in-house and as a result, we are able to offer plates manufactured to order usually within a couple of days. You can specify:

  • Driven plate Thickness
  • Gearbox Spline
  • Friction type material
  • Plate diameter
  • Sprung or Ridged centre

We are able to manufacture over 40 of the most popular splines, for example: 1” x 23 Teeth and 7/8” x 20 Teeth – see our Racing Catalogue for a list of splines which we carry. If you have a bespoke spline we can still help as we can use a local spark erosion service to copy your spline.


Helix Autosport supply both hydraulic and mechanical bearings. There are many reasons for manufacturing bespoke bearings:

  • Remove Historic Carbon thrust bearings and upgrading to modern ball type
  • Modifying the diameter & face of the bearing to be used with a multi-plate racing clutch
  • Match an unusual engine and gearbox combination
  • To change the engagement point of the clutch
  • Supply a bearing which is no longer available